Since 1999

Kaiping Zhongli Packaging Materials Co., Ltd

ZL Pack Industrial PVT Ltd produces various types of packaging products, their primary focus is on coffee bags. As a wholesale coffee bag manufacturer we have managed to supply to many international buyers. We are known as the best coffee bag suppliers in China. If you are willing to deal with one of the top coffee bag suppliers then this coffee bag manufacturer will satisfy your demands.

Kaiping Zhongli Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the bridgehead of China's reform and opening up - Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, and was changed to the current company in June 2016.

Our products include food packaging film, plastic bags, laminated pouches, flexible packaging film, coffee bags, juice pouches, snack packaging film, retort pouches, vacuum pouches.



Professionalism – we believe that it is the foundation of any business
Reliance – without reliance we could not develop a business
Loyalty – it is the basis for establishment of all human relationships
Responsibility – we take responsibility for everything we do


• Economic integration and environmental protection
• To provide customers with the most economical suitable product solutions
• To meet the actual needs of customers at the same time
• Pay attention to the maximum protection of the environment
• To reduce the burden packaging costs
• Continue through technological improvements in order to improve the effectiveness of packaging